6/15/09 - BFHAP is no more. I hope those of you who played enjoyed it while it lasted. :)

12/24/08 - I doubt I will be updating this guide any more. In fact I don't really plan on playing BFAHP any more. For help with the game beyond this guide, please do visit my forum as detailed below, and use the search function before asking questions. Thanks.

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CartoonNetwork.com hosts Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party, a free Macromedia-enabled web game. This game was originally going to run from May 2006 to April 2007, but wound up being extended indefinately (note: the game officially ended 6/15/09).

For more information on the game outside of this guide I do recommend you visit the BFAHP section of my forum - you can always count on the members there to post information whenever they find it. I rely on their information to inform me when there are updates myself, and this portion of my website would not be possible without their help. ALSO someone has started a Wikipedia page for BFAHP, if you'd like to try there for information. I am not involved with that project.

Links to pages detailing specific aspects of the game can be found above.


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