In this simple game you play Frankie, who has plans to go to the State Fair tonight with her friend Kathy. But Cheese has dropped by unexpectedly while you were preparing dinner...and he won't go home! Worse, old Mr. Herriman won't let you go to the Fair if Cheese is still in the house at dinnertime. Get rid of Cheese before then or it's no fair for you...literally.

To play online use the box below (after making sure you follow the instructions here). To play offline, download this file and follow the instructions here. Don't forget to type HELP not only for game info and credits, but also hints if you need them. Everything you need to know to win is in the hints if you get stuck.

If this is your first interactive fiction, this page may help you get started. Good luck!

Release history:
8/28/08 - v.1, initial release.
8/29/08 - v.2, fixed a couple minor errors.
9/18/08 - v.3, added a help menu and various actions, also made the cover art.
9/19/08 - v.4, tweaked a couple things.

If the game isn't responding to keystrokes, try clicking somewhere within the game window to make it active.

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