Online Foster's Home Coloring Book

Welcome to the interactive coloring book here on Never Forgotten! Images come from the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends coloring book Mac Daddy.

The controls are like those in a paint program. The application uses Java, so if your browser does not have it, go get it! Don't forget that this does more than just color in the provided image, you can draw freehand as well. So be creative and add whatever you want to the picture! And when you are done, click the "save" button to generate a saveable image - you may also print it from your browser. What format the image saves in will depend on your browser (IE will save it as a bitmap, Firefox will save it as a gif - I don't use other browsers so I don't know what they do).


(If you encounter any images that have gaps in the lines and flood the background when you try to fill an area, please let me know!)


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